Neighborhood 3: Once Upon A Theatre Critic

Sometimes You Need A Place To Go A Little Crazy

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley, Happy Medium Theatre, The Factory Theatre, 10/20/11-10/29/11, T for Teen, Tipper Gore should not see this show.

Reviewed by Becca Kidwell

“We need to protect the children”. We have stricter movie ratings, tv show ratings, video game ratings, and explicit music warning labels. So what happens when all of these fail? What happens even before these fail? Society corrupts the children; the educational system fails children; the welfare system fails children. These days everything and anything are blamed when children get hurt or end up in trouble (watched any version of Law & Order lately?)—except for children and the parents. Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom gives the avatars (performers) a chance to escape from problems while the game gives the players (the audience) no escape. Read more “Neighborhood 3: Once Upon A Theatre Critic”

Big River: Once Upon A Theatre Critic

Jordan Ahnquist as Huckleberry Finn and De’Lon Grant as Jim. Photo by Mark S. Howard

A Journey of Human Nature

Big River, Music and Lyrics by Roger Miller, Book by William Hauptman, Lyric Stage, 9/2/11-10/8/11. Family Friendly.

Reviewed by Becca Kidwell

(Boston, MA) Lyric Stage’s production of Big River celebrates the imagination of Mark Twain. Based on the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the show explores the American landscape of the 1800’s. The production shines a light on the various forms of humanity that Twain observed in his own travels. His words come alive through a rousing score, talented cast, and innovative staging. Read more “Big River: Once Upon A Theatre Critic”

His Girl Friday: Once Upon A Theatre Critic

Left to right: Angela Brazil as Hildy Johnson, Stephen Thorne as McCue, Lovell Holder (Brown/Trinity

Justifiable Laughter

His Girl Friday by John Guare, adapted from The Front Page by Ben Hecht/Charles McArthur & Columbia Pictures Film, Trinity Repertory Company, 9/9/11-10/9/11,

Reviewed by Becca Kidwell

(Providence, RI) John Guare lends his wry wit to his newest creation: His Girl Friday. With the talented cast, masterful direction, and clever design, the pre-World War II press room. With the black and white realities mixed in with the comedy, the play shines a light on the present ambiguities of justice, media manipulation, and political diversion. Read more “His Girl Friday: Once Upon A Theatre Critic”