Boston Credentials & Connections

  • Member of Boston Association of Cabaret Artists
  • Graduated from Boston University in 2005 with a Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education
  • Taught at Latin Academy
  • Taught at the defunct private Caritas Academy in Hudson, MA
  • Created¬† the blog and was the original New England Theatre¬† Geek
  • IRNE Theatre nominee for best prop design
  • Worked on several theatre productions in the early 2000s prior to moving to NYC
  • Studied at ImprovBoston for serveral years & interned with the standup branch of the company
  • Former member of First Lutheran Church of Malden
  • Former member of First Methodist Church of Watertown-Belmont
  • Made connections through the press during my tenure as the creator and chief editor of the New England Theatre Geek
  • Family & friends live in Boston
  • Colleagues in Boston & Hudson who have traveled to NYC to see my performances and have said they would gather groups of people together if I brought a show to Boston
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