Show of Dares, Volume 2 Review

Show of Dares, Volume 2 Review

Although no press was requested, Jed Ryan couldn’t help but write a lovely review of my Show of Dares, Volume 2.  Read here:

Singles Releasing Worldwide

Singles Releasing Worldwide

I’m excited to announce my first two singles will be released worldwide on all streaming platforms within the next two weeks.


I was blessed with two wonderful teams for the recording sessions:


Lyrics & Music by Becca Kidwell

Producer & Piano:  Matt Baker

Bass:  Matt Scharfglass

Drums:  David Silliman


Lyrics by Becca Kidwell, Music by Becca Kidwell & Tracy Stark

Producer, Piano, Vocals:  Tracy Stark

Bass:  Skip Ward

Percussion:  David Silliman

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