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If You Hadn’t But You Did

“This reincarnation of Becca Kidwell in her newest show was cool, actually icy, just like the presence of a glamorous and deadly film noir femme fatale, such as Claire Trevor in Murder, My Sweet or Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity….It was an impressive balancing act, unique and original and just a bit unnerving…viciously hysterical – Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes

Together Inside

“Becca Kidwell is on her way to being hailed as a creative genius in the art of cabaret…Kidwell’s script is perfect, in every way…There are those who say things funny and those who say funny things: Becca Kidwell is so droll that it’s actually hard to tell which one she is…Becca The Fearless is all about individuality…Kidwell triumphs in the presentation of The Musical Monologue” – Stephen Mosher, Broadway World

“Kidwell’s delivery is smooth and flawless. She also has an impressive range…It is safe to say that the phenomenon known as COVID-19 and the resultant lockdown likely inspired hundreds thousands of artistic endeavors, whether it be visual art, music, theater, and/or film. I don’t think that many of those artists, however, could create a show as deeply personal yet as firmly entertaining as Becca Kidwell has done with Together Inside, as evidenced by her choice of songs and her heart-on-her-sleeve delivery of those songs.” – Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark

“[Becca] shared her story with great humor and impeccable timing…Becca’s composition, “Together Inside,” had a deft callback to “Alone Together,” and is a beautiful song. If this is a taste of Ms. Kidwell’s songwriting skills, a full meal is in order… Becca’s ability to tell a story in words and in song is excellent, with fine interpretive skills… ” – Andrew Poretz, Theater Pizzazz

My Maybe World:  The Music of Mary Chapin Carpenter

2021 BROADWAYWORLD AWARD for Best Tribute Show

“[Becca’s]  delivery of lyrics…was so heartfelt and relatable…Becca C. Kidwell clearly has strong emotional ties to the music of Mary Chapin Carpenter, and that connection felt to me like the beating heart of this terrific and very personal show!” – Michael Barbieri, Nitelife Exchange

Show of Dares

BWW Feature: The Best of 2021 Cabaret, Club, and Concert

“Becca Kidwell was born for cabaret… Becca Kidwell is a storyteller, in every way that a person can be a storyteller.” – Stephen Mosher,


“Kidwell is basically a character actress dwelling inside a lyric soprano. She lives within the lyrics, with perfect diction and idiomatic phrasing that can reveal several levels of meaning to the words.” – Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes


“Kidwell exemplified cabaret at its best…her abundant exuberance was contagious” – Cabaret Hotspot


If You Hadn’t, But You Did

“THIS GIRL AIN’T RIGHT!!! In the best of all possible ways…Becca is a voluptuous, tattooed pinup channeling everyone from Lotte Lenya to Gypsy Rose Lee to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, treating us to the most DANGEROUS and unpredictable thrill ride I’ve taken in years!!   –  James Beaman, MAC & Bistro Award Winner


“Do watch out, it is a killer smile on her lips! And she might ‘put a spell on you!’” –  Lorna Dallas, Bistro Award Winner

Show of Dares

“A tour de force!”  – Rosemary Loar, Broadway performer, Award-winning recording artist, MAC Award Winner


“A magnificent showcase of Becca’s voice, her acting, her courage and her willingness to push her own artistic boundaries … and a thrill ride for the audience.”  Jeff Harnar, Multiple Award-Winning New York Cabaret, Concert, and Recording Artist 


My Maybe World with Mary Chapin Carpenter

Great show.  Perfect match of performer and material.  And Becca is so charming.  Don’t miss it!” – Frank Dain, Editor of Cabaret Scenes

Infinite Joy:  A Cabaret Benefit

“[Becca has a] sweet, humorous glow of vulnerability that reaches straight to an audience’s heart.” – Carol Demas, Broadway performer (original Sandy in Grease), star of The Magic Garden tv show, Bistro Award Winner

A Song and Its Girl

“Becca brought tears to my eyes because her passion & storytelling are very strong” – Alice Ripley, Tony Award Winner


“Becca Kidwell’s infectious joy in her music is transcendent. Her emotional connection to each song is palpable and she positively glows as she digs deep into the story she shares through her music”
– Eric Michael Gillett, Bistro, multiple MAC Award Winner, and Broadway performer


“There is such joy, truth and love in this amazing first show. I had a smile on my face even when there were tears in my eyes.”
-Bob Diamond, multiple MAC Award Winner


“Becca Kidwell touched us with her warmth and winning ways!”
-Ira Lee Collings, multiple MAC Award Winner


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