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Becca Kidwell Continues To Find Joy And Healing In “A SONG & ITS GIRL”

New York, NY:  August 23, 2017 – Becca C. Kidwell shares each moment of joy in song as she brings back her debut performance for a second encore, “A Song & Its Girl” to Don’t Tell Mama on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 4pm.

After years of struggle and a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, Becca Kidwell celebrates how the power of music helped her to heal, grow, and develop a newfound joy in life.  Gretchen Reinhagen, her director and Tracy Stark, her musical director, both MAC and Bistro award winners, bring delicacy, balance, and a solid entertaining foundation that allows Becca the freedom to tell her story with mindfulness and gentle intention.   Read more “Press Release:”

Heron’s Landing Retreat

As our preparation for “A Song & Its Girl” was winding down in March, I wondered what my next steps would be.  Singing was bringing me so much joy, but what path should I take?  I found out from my musical director, Tracy Stark that there was a new cabaret retreat at Lake Saranac, NY at the end of June at this place called, “Heron’s Landing.”

I got accepted and spent a magical week where I was able to learn how to be mindful and appreciate each moment that I get to sing.  It was an amazing journey.  We each had our own goals and our own reasons for being there and our own special revelations from the retreat.  My gratitude knows no bounds for that experience.  Read the article in Cabaret Scenes to find out more about our experience.