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BroadwayWorld Feature: The Best of 2021 Cabaret, Club, and Concert

Thank you Stephen Mosher for seeing and understanding me! I am blessed to be included in this article. And I also have to thank Tracy Stark & Kristine Zbornik for giving me the support so that I could be bold. Also, those who dared me with the songs and last but not least those who …

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Cabaret Scenes Review of Show of Dares

“Kidwell is basically a character actress dwelling inside a lyric soprano. She lives within the lyrics, with perfect diction and idiomatic phrasing that can reveal several levels of meaning to the words.” READ HERE

BroadwayWorld Review of Show of Dares

“Becca Kidwell was born for cabaret… Becca Kidwell is a storyteller, in every way that a person can be a storyteller.” READ HERE